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Promoting a collaborative working approach, the Editor-in-Chief, Sub-Editors, and newsroom journalists of Lankadeepa newspaper were met by the RTI Team of Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI)This visit took place on 22nd of March 2023. The SLPI team demonstrated the RTI helpdesk’s features and urged Lankadeepa, one of the top Sinhala newspapers in the print sector, to make use of it.

During the said discussion, a journalist claimed that after submitting numerous RTI requests to the Public Authorities, he only received partial responses to his requests for information or notifications that his requests had been denied. He also added that he is having trouble managing his time, therefore he tends not to file an appeal to the Designated Officer in most of such cases. Furthermore, he expressed his delight at learning about the service provided by the SLPI to assist journalists who use RTI.

. Most of the journalists who participated in this discussion were familiar with what RTI is, but they were less familiar with the appeal procedure. According to the coordinator of Provincial journalists of Lankadeepa newspaper, that majority of provincial journalists need to be made aware of the the RTI appeal procedure.           

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