Information Officers & Designated Officers

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Every Public Authority must have an Information Officer. Sometimes there may be more than one Information Officer per Public Authority.


[toggle title=” What are the duties of Information Officers?”]

• Information Officers deal with the requests for information their offices receive from the public. They must assist the citizens requesting information in any way possible.

• In providing these services, if the Information Officers need the assistance of their fellow officers, the fellow officers must mandatory assist Information Officers.


[toggle title=”Who are Designated Officers?”]

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Information Officer, you can appeal against that decision to another officer in that Public Authority. This officer is called the “Designated Officer”. The Designated Officer will hear appeals against Information Officers and give a decision.

Until Information Officers are appointed, heads or Chief Executive Officers of Public Authorities will act as Information Officers of those Authorities.


[toggle title=”How do you contact an Information Officer or a Designated Officer?”]

If you need to contact an Information Officer or a Designated Officer, you can get contact details from the relevant Public Authority. You will find the contact details of the Information Officer and the Designated Officer prominently displayed in the premises of every Public Authority and on their websites.