Six and a half lakhs pensioners in the country!

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The contribution of both the public and private sectors is crucial in enriching a country’s economy. But it is clear that many people are more attracted to the public sector than the private sector when it comes to talking about employment. There is a very high demand for pensionable employment opportunities, especially in the public sector. An example of this is the growing interest of a significant number of people who were looking to work in the private sector and those who are already working in the private sector to join the public sector in the current government’s graduate employment program that launched a few months ago. 

Accordingly, we submitted an information application to the Department of Pensions on 09.09.2020 to find out the number of pensioners previously served in the public sector in this country.

We inquired as to how many people are entitled to pensions in the country by 10.09.2020. In response, the Department states that 651,120 pensioners will be receiving pensions in the country by then. The person concerned in obtaining such a pension; has also been revealed that the pension will depend on the size of the post he/she served at the time of retirement and the salary scale obtained in relation to it. The answer to the question of how the pension varies according to each salary scale is not to be maintained.

In addition, they point out that since the establishment of the Department of Pensions in 1970, pensions have been continuously paid to public servants in Sri Lanka, and that no details of pension payments have been disclosed in the period before 1970.