Control prices and Complaints

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Governments set a fixed price for essential food items such as rice, sugar and flour used for the food needs of the people. This means that when merchants sell certain products, they should never sell them to people at a higher price than the price set. This control price is imposed by the government in the interest of the people. If they sell at such a high price we can complain to the Consumer Affairs Authority about this. 

The control price was determined based on its circumference per coconut. Accordingly, the maximum retail price of coconut with a circumference of less than 12 inches is 60 rupees, the maximum retail price of coconut with a circumference between 12 inches and 13 inches is 65 rupees, and the maximum retail price of coconut with a circumference of more than 13 inches is 70 rupees. But we have also heard of coconuts being sold in stores at higher prices than the specified price. A Right to Information application was filed with the Authority to find out whether any complaints regarding sale at higher prices were received by the Consumer Affairs Authority. The Authority responded as follows.

From September to November 2020, the Consumer Affairs Authority received 267 complaints that coconuts were being sold at high prices. Of these, 108 complaints were received from the Colombo district. Colombo district has received the highest number of complaints. Also, a small number of complaints have been received from Nuwara Eliya, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Kilinochchi, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Puttalam districts. It has been informed that cases have been registered against the traders and the authority has decided to file a case in the relevant courts.

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